A different kind of summit: Documentary

Nick was unfortunately involved in a terrible car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. This came as a big shock and took a long time to find the mental strength to continue with life. 10 years later, Nick is a huge supporter of wheelchair users and feels they can do almost anything with the right mindset. With that in his head he decided to tackle Mount Snowdon in his wheelchair.



With the help from friends and family he raised over £1000 for Reubens Retreat. We truly admired Nick’s passion, determination and spirit and offered to contribute to his efforts by documenting the journey by creating a short film. We headed up Snowdon with a team of 10 in June 2018 with a Mavic Pro drone and a handheld Sony FS7 kit.


3.5 hours later and lots of aching bodies we reached the summit of Mount Snowdon. Watch the epic journey below.