Drones, Slow Motion and Mountains

We are customers and big fans of Peli Products and we know that quality is at the forefront of their business.  Therefore we knew that when working with them they would want a high quality video. As we personally use the Peli 1510 to safely secure our Sony FS7 cinema camera, and accessories we have real life experience of how we use the products and how they work within the industry.

This inspired us to approach Peli with an idea to show the journey of one of their latest products 'Peli Air'. We also wanted to show their new, user friendly Trek Pak dividers which we found incredibly useful and would recommend to anyone!

Because we use Peli products every day our approach to this shoot was different than it may be with some of the other brands we work with. We began by brainstorming various scenarios in which a Peli hard case is used by ourselves and came up with the idea of following a photographers journey up Mount Snowdon, Snowdonia National Park, Wales.

Snowdonia National Park, Wales

Snowdonia National Park, Wales

The concept meant we could show some beautiful scenery and also the versatility of Peli products, how well they work outdoors, and how robust they are. We also hoped that showing the case being taken up a mountain indicated to the audience how light-weight the new case is, and with the newly designed case being 40% lighter than a normal Peli case all of us on the shoot can agree this is a much better product to take up a mountain!

Peli, Trek Pack.png

We realised early on that our biggest obstacle was going to be the weather, but we really wanted the location to reflect the extreme organisation tag line developed by Peli. Therefore being able to do an outdoor shoot was important to us and the brand. After all, what's more extreme than a mountain range in winter?

We were also keen to add production value by using our DGI Phantom 4 Pro drone, in order to capture the last shot we imagined, and this can't be used in winds of over 40 mph.

Phantom 4 Pro.png

All of this meant that whilst the scenery looked great on camera it proved logistically difficult as the weather forecast was forever changing. We conquered this by planning extra days to shoot if needed, including agreeing that last minute filming may need to be an option. Luckily on the day that the shoot was planned for the weather held off just long enough for us to obtain the shots we needed.

You can view the adventure film here: