Brave Waters: Documentary

Brave Waters Documentary.jpg

Swimming in the cold depths of Lake Windermere all year round to some can sound completely mad but to others it has a way of empowering and connecting you to nature. We decided to explore this topic further is a short form documentary.

Fay Preene works in child protection and her job can be quite emotionally demanding. She talks us through the mental and physical benefits of outdoor swimming as well as making life long friends along the way. It’s fun, free and all you need to do is get in.

The Lake District - Production

We headed to the glorious Lake District National Park in Cumbria in April 2019. We brought along our Sony FS7, A7sii and a splashbag for a fun filled adventure. It was a 5am start in order to capture that perfect morning light. Fay was a pleasure to work with and we’re so pleased we were able to share her story. Watch the short form documentary below.

Currently running through various film festival across the country.

Brave Waters Documentary 2.jpg