Ep 14 - Zack Kravtis - Film-maker, entreprenuer, adventurer.

Zack Kravits is a filmmaker and entrepreneur based out in LA (another International guest for our humble podcast!) He has grown a hugely loyal fan base on YouTube and Instagram where has over over 14k subscribers and over 5k followers respectively; and has worked with various influencers, including people like Lewis Howes. What makes Zack different is that although he loves filmmaking, he sees himself as an entrepreneur, selling his own online film-making course and has even recently started his own backpack Company 'Weylyn Bags'. 

In this episode, Zack shares with us how he changed his mindset from being a typical 'YouTuber' to think more as an entrepreneur and the importance of having multiple streams of income as a creator. He also discusses growing a quality loyal fan base, his thoughts on work/life 'integration' as he calls it, surviving in LA and why he decided to set up something very different in a backpack company. 

You can follow Zack's journey on:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ForeverInTraining

Instagram: @zackkravits

and his backpack company on instagram: @weylynbags