Ep 6 - 'Making the most of the down time' - An In-between-isode.

One year I decided travel around Australia and New Zealand for 3 weeks with my girlfriend and probably lost out on one days work. I dived the great barrier reef, climbed the Sydney Harbour bridge, sunbathed on Bondi beach, bungee jumped and went canyoning as well as making some wicked friends and drinking a hell of a lot of beer. Being self employed means I’m accountable to myself and my clients only. I don’t work a 9-5 Monday to Friday. I don’t have a boss breathing down my neck to hit targets or to work late. It’s all self managed and it’s the best way I work.

But in order to gibe your brain chance to innovate and come up with new, fresh ideas it's good to relax and make the most of the gaps between work.

I discuss some of the things I like to get up to including:

- Travelling

- Doing to the gym

- Updating your website

- Visting the cinema at 11am

and more...