Wildbounds is an independent British owned retail shop and journal. They share brands with the coolest gear with a focus on craftsmanship and sustainability.

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We were tasked with creating a short video campaign that got people excited about being outdoors whilst promoting the ‘Wildbounds’ online retail shop. We featured a variety of products whilst sharing an adventure story of a young couple exploring the North Devon coastline.

We went surfing, climbing, hiking, caving, exploring and camping on a glorious Autumnal day. The entire production was completed by a skeleton nimbal crew in one very long day.


We headed from Manchester to Devon the afternoon before the shoot. All the location scouts had been done online and via local tour guides/ influencers. We rose bright and early to catch the sunrise and some waves. The Devon sunrise did not disappoint giving us the perfect opening shots for our film. We used on our in house Sony FS7 cinema camera and zoom lenses shooting everything in 4K. We needed to keep kit fairly compact as we had to carry everything up and down cliff walls and therefore decided to shoot everything handheld using available light. Read our more detailed behind the scenes blog here

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