50 takes performing the kiss of death - motocross film

We collaborated with FMX rider and athlete Wayne Jacobs for our motocross film. We wanted to show the creativity, the dedication and the athleticism involved in freestyle motocross riding.

Wayne Jacobs FMX Rider

Even though we're a Manchester based video production company we're not afraid to travel. After a 5 hour drive down south we arrived at Wayne's complex in Cornwall, UK. He's able to practice each week and always be ready for his European shows. We visited his site one day in June 2018 and started shooting.

Wayne was a breeze to work with and nailed every trick he performed. He's clearly very well practiced in what he does. We wanted as much coverage as possible to make the film as energetic as the riding.


We strive to produce the most immersive and cinematic films possible. For this film we used a variety of cameras to capture the action. Our main camera is the Sony FS7. We used the Canon 70-200 2.8 long lens and shot in 150 frames per second for the super slow motion work.

We used our Sony A7sii on the DJI Ronin M gimbal to achieve the smooth tracking shots and used the GoPro Hero 4 on two occassions to get the viewer right into the action. We even chucked up the DJI Mavic drone for a few establishing shots.

Sony FS7 Canon 70-200m lens

As we were a skeleton crew we had to shoot and move, shoot and move to get the variety of angles we wanted. It was an intense day for both rider and film crew and Wayne must have gone up the ramp over 50 times. The film has received over 5k views on facebook, youtube and linkedin in the first few days of releasing.


You can watch the full edit here: