Filming with Manchester Dogs Home

We at Dead Pixel Films have always been dog lovers and wanted to draw attention to Manchester Dogs Home in a short documentary. They've had a few tough years and were victim to a horrendous arson attacked back in 2014 which took the lives of >60 dogs. We reached out to them to try and focus on the positive side of the charity and the great work they do.

Manchester Dogs Home

We worked closely with Colin (fundraising Manager) and Matt (social media team)  to create the documentary but were given ultimate creative control with constructing the story and portraying the Dogs Home. We visited the site to scout the location and meet some of the dogs. Due to the nature of the Dogs Home who receive 3000-4000 stray dogs from all over Manchester we knew that dogs come and go very quickly. It was hard but key not to get too attached to any of the delightful dogs.

Manchester Documentary Filmmaking

We shot this short documentary in one day in April 2018 with our Sony FS7 kit. We met with Janice (the dogs home volunteer) who stated that working with dogs has actually saved her life. She's a 6 year sober recovering alcoholic and it was an absolute pleasure to meet her.

The film went on to do very well online receiving over 500 likes, 15000 views and 200 shares on Facebook alone. We couldn't be more pleased with the engagement from the community and if it can help to re-home even just one dog then our job is done!


Watch the film here:


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