Behind the Scenes of 'Plastic Tide'

Our environmental documentary 'Plastic Tides' featuring Sian Sykes and the importance of reducing single use plastic consumption has gone live with rave reviews. 

"So great guys, So positive and motivating for people to just get out there and do something big or small" - Clean Coastline Collective

"It's great so many people are creating ways to spread such an important message" - Sea Shepherd


We got in touch with Sian Sykes from Pysched Paddleboarding to create a hard hitting documentary around single use plastic. We knew Sian was a huge advocate of fighting marine litter and thought it deserved a voice. We shot this in Angelsey, Wales on our Sony FS7 in February 2018. Thankfully the weather was on our side for the day. We filmed for approx 4 hours paddling around the North Wales coast.

Sony FS7 Peli case

We wanted to show the day to day activities of Sian paddle boarding around the coast and how stumbling upon marine litter can make you feel. We stumbled upon a secluded beach and noticed an enormous amount of plastic waste. Within about 5 minutes we'd picked up more than we could carry. Litter included plastic bottles, fishing nets, plastic straws, kids toys and cigarette butts. 

We then headed back to base to record the voice over which is played throughout the documentary.

Post Production

We edited this documentary in house using the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro. As we shot in a flat SLog3 profile it meant we had the maximum dynamic range and could grade the film how we wanted.

You can view the film here:

Anglesey coastline, Wales
Sony FS7 filming on the beach, Wales