Working with a global nutrition brand

We produced a social media campaign for UK based health company Go Nutrition. Go Nutrition asked us to pitch ideas for their latest pre-workout powder titled 'Up Your Game'. We came up with 5 very different concepts and they whittled them down to the best option.

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The concept of the film was to show a gritty intense work out in a strong man type gym. Our athlete would push himself to his absolute limits doing a series of weighted pullups, tyre flips, hammer hits and chain pulls. The film would PAUSE. We then speed backwards following our athletes journey through the locker room, past busy streets, right the way back to his kitchen to consume the pre workout powder. Short, snappy and highlighly effective.

Pe-production for us included storyboarding, casting, crewing, and location scouting. This all made the shoot go smoothly when it came to production. We wanted the film to be contrasty, gritty, grainy and to get people fired up for a workout.

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We commenced shooting at 7am in Manchester city centre in February 2018. We wanted to capture our athlete walking to the gym before the rush to work. We wanted to show determination and passion which meant shooting before the sun came up.

We then headed over to Stockport's Strength and Performance gym to film the workout portion of the film. We used all our own in house equipment including our Sony FS7 and LED lighting kit. We added haze to most shots to add depth and draw the audience's attention to our athlete. We shot everything in 150 frames per second to be able to get those super dramatic slow motion shots. It also allowed for a lot of speed ramping in post to increase the intensity of the film.

Post Production

We edited 3 cut downs for Go Nutrition that all derived from the longer 48 second ad. Whilst it doesn't seem like a particularly long time we always knew this was going to be a fast paced social media sting to catch people's attention and to ultimately direct people to buy the product. On platforms like facebook and instagram you have around 5 seconds to grab people's attention before they continue scrolling and they certainly won't be sticking around for 5mins to get the final message.

From concept to execution, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Dead Pixel. Their professional nature and ability to take the lead on the project made the whole process very seamless.

We'd strongly recommend Dead Pixel Films to any brand looking to produce high level video content to to promote their commercial campaigns.

- Josh Burke - Digital Channel Manager, Go Nutrition

We edited a 5 second teaser, 15 second teaser and a full 48 second film using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Watch the film here: